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Do you tend to use the active voice when you write? Or, do you prefer the passive voice? There are good reasons for both, and the following example provides a compelling reason to use the active voice. Suppose that while … Continue reading

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bumpy ride

Otherwise known as “syntax,” sentence structure helps determine whether readers will have a bumpy ride or a smooth ride. For example, read the following sentence by the author of a popular mystery series: “I’m not sure,” Leo said, “what you’re … Continue reading

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short words, long words

Make life easier for your readers. Write the way you talk. Generally, we use short words when we talk. But for some mysterious reason, words grow longer and fancier as we write. If you want to make your letter, report, … Continue reading

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clear writing=clear thinking

When someone doesn’t understand what you write, you may think that the problem is the reader, not your writing. Think again! Clear writing means clear thinking, and unclear writing means unclear thinking. To clarify your writing, sit down for a … Continue reading

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