calm mind a must

TaraA couple weeks ago, a client and I had a perfect demonstration of how helpful it is to be calm and clear before writing. Neither one of us was calm or clear during a telephone consultation; we were rushed and breathless before we began, our minds busy with unfinished business.

As I reviewed what my client had written, I offered suggestions for improving the grammar and flow. She couldn’t understand what I meant. For my part, I couldn’t understand what she was trying to convey, either by what she had written or what she was now saying. It was as if we existed on two parallel planes of existence. We could hear each other just fine, but didn’t have a clue what the other was actually saying.

After over an hour of slogging through, we gave up and agreed to try again the next morning. Without mentioning it to her, I made a personal commitment to meditate for at least 30 minutes before our scheduled appointment. I didn’t know that she also made a personal commitment: to get up before sunrise and go for a swim at the community pool before calling me. Swimming always clears her mind.

What a difference a little meditation and swimming can make! We both came to the consultation with clear minds, we understood each other perfectly, and we completed more than we had thought possible in less time than we had spent the day before.

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I translate foggy information into plain English.
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