Effective Advertising

The measure of effective advertising is how listeners, viewers, or readers respond. Ads that prompt potential buyers to tune out, stop reading, and run the other way are not effective.

A few months ago, an ad began to run on a radio station I sometimes listen to. Now, I rush over to the radio and shut it off every time that ad begins, because it annoys the daylights out of me.

The advertiser introduces the ad by announcing that it’s “in helium”–ultra fast– to avoid boring listeners. For me, the result is both unintelligible and idiotic. Before I began shutting off the radio, I listened to the ad several times before catching the name of the advertiser.

The ad keeps running, so may be getting good results. But it annoys me so much that I don’t trust the judgment of the company’s management. The bottom line is that if I’m ever in the market for the product the company sells, I’ll be sure to purchase it elsewhere.

For more information, visit Treasurefield Communications.


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