Humor in Writing

Good morning! It’s about 7:30 a.m. here in Sebastopol, California. I feel happy, because I just heard Jim Hightower, former Texas Agricultural Commissioner and now radio talk show host, speak about the coming election.

I love to begin the day with humor, and Jim’s use of language is rich in humorous similes.  Following are two samples of his assessment of the contest between Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama. Notice how he uses colorful similes to point out unlikely similarities:

The race is as tight as bark on a tree.

Pundits and pollsters are as confused as goats on astroturf.

The title of Jim’s latest book is also a simile:

Swim Against the Current: Even a dead fish can go with the flow

One last simile, which another man named Jim sometimes uses. It has the drawback of being unkind, but it certainly gets the meaning across:

He was as dumb as a brick.

Have a simile you’d like to share? And by the way, if you’re not quite sure that a sentence you have written is clear, send it to me and I’ll help you with it.


Tara Treasurefield

Treasurefield Communications


About 123clear

I translate foggy information into plain English.
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