Grammar Contest

I enjoyed last week’s Syntax Contest so much that I am having a Grammar Contest this week. But first, a bit more about last week’s winner, Georg Montingh.

Originally from The Netherlands, Georg is currently a Ph.D. student in mathematics at the Center of Mathematics for Applications, which is connected to the University of Oslo. He wrote, “While it may seem that such a profession has little to do with writing, clear communication is an integral part of a mathematician’s job. Besides that, I believe that in general having good communication skills is almost an unfair advantage in life.” Well said, Georg.

Here is this week’s troubled sentence:

Dr. Gonstead was a pioneer in the chiropractic profession, developing equipment and a method of analysis that used more than one criteria to verify the precise location of vertebral subluxation.

If you are the first person to spot and correct the problem with the sentence above, I’ll post your name and other information you would like readers to know about you to this blog.


Tara Treasurefield

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One Response to Grammar Contest

  1. tim dougherty says:

    criterion, not criteria

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