Grammar Contest #2

It’s already Wednesday, time for Grammar Contest #2.

What’s wrong with the following sentence?

A beautiful high-pressure day of frosty crystalline air, blue skies, and brilliant sunshine.

As before, if you are the first person to send the correct answer, I’ll publish your name and other information you would like readers to know about you.


Tara Treasurefield

Treasurefield Communications


Some unfinished business. Chiropractor Mitch Davis of Lauren, South Carolina, who won last week’s grammar contest, says that there are over 100 distinct chiropractic techniques, and that the Gonstead Technique is one of the finest.


About 123clear

I translate foggy information into plain English.
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One Response to Grammar Contest #2

  1. danielo says:

    I would say that it lacks a predicate clause?

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