Hint for Punctuation Contest

serpntsm.gifI haven’t received any responses to the current punctuation contest yet, so here is a hint: Use two dashes to set off a parenthetical remark, as shown in the sentence below:

Farmer Blackie threw back his head and laughed–I had forgotten that the eggs were in my pocket, and smashed them all when I sat down–and turned the pickup truck toward town.

To save you the time of looking it up, here’s the punctuation contest sentence, which is in dire need of a set of dashes:

The days were too short, and, strangely, tomorrow with its news reports, new bits of information, new insights, tomorrow seemed unreachable until all at once it had been there and was yesterday.

There’s extra credit for a tiny deletion.


Tara Treasurefield

Treasurefield Communications


About 123clear

I translate foggy information into plain English.
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