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Today I rode into town with Marc, a friend, neighbor, and client. We didn’t use any gas or contribute to global warming, because the old Mercedes he bought for $500 runs on vegetable oil. It smells a little strange, and rattles quite a bit, but I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. I also enjoy the Prius that Marc and his wife Nina bought last year.

On the way to town, Marc thanked me for my edits to his new website. He designs photovoltaic energy systems, and said that he needed my help to project a professional image because he’s weak on grammar.

I was happy to help him, and happy to see that he has already incorporated some of my edits. But I’m not going to mention his url to anyone until he makes some of the other changes I recommended. Little things– like double-spacing between paragraphs–are important; even on pages filled with data and statistics, which many people probably won’t read.

For some reason, it hadn’t occurred to Marc (until I told him) that it’s not just correct grammar that reflects professionalism: It’s also the appearance of the words on the page. Web content that is grammatically accurate, well-organized, and neatly formatted assures visitors to the site that the business it represents delivers quality services or products.


Tara Treasurefield
Tara’s Writing Studio


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