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Diagramming Sentences

I learned the rudiments of diagramming sentences when I was in grade school. Or was it junior high? In any case, diagramming is a valuable tool for writers and editors who want to know not only how, but why, one … Continue reading

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Prepositional Phrase, Adverbial Phrase

Heard on the radio: In a startling announcement, the New York Mint plans to release a limited number of $100 union silver coins to the public. There’s only one thing wrong with this sentence: it doesn’t make sense. The opening  … Continue reading

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I or me?

Last week, I heard this on the radio: We wonder how it’s going to impact you and I. Oops. Wrong choice. The sentence should read like this: We wonder how it’s going to impact you and me. Why? Because “me” … Continue reading

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Words + Actions Tell All

As a young woman, I was ill-prepared to distinguish between relationships with real potential and the other kind. My favorite therapist, Dr. Ed Wortz—who was also my dreamwork mentor—gave me a hint: If you listen and watch carefully, people will … Continue reading

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Comma (with coordinate conjunction)

This use of the comma is simple. If a coordinate conjunction (and, but, or) connects two independent clauses, insert a comma before the conjunction: I prefer classical music, but Wilbur likes jazz. I picked blackberries, and Alphonso went swimming. When … Continue reading

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Blog Design

This morning I changed the design of this blog. With the previous design, the list of categories for my posts was way down at the bottom of the page. Now the categories are much closer to the top. Does the … Continue reading

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Parallel Construction

Greetings! This is a line from an ad I have heard on the radio: It doesn’t matter what kind of car you drive or the home you live in. The sentence starts out fine: It doesn’t matter what kind of … Continue reading

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