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Double Possessive Revisited

The other day, I received this message from a visitor to Writing Tips: Which is correct? To be used as a caption under a picture. The Wright and Hilyer family vacation The Wright and Hilyer families vacation The Wright’s and … Continue reading

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Resource List

A visitor to this blog recently asked for a list of the books that have been particularly valuable to me as an editor and that I recommend to other editors and would-be editors. Compiling the list was a pleasure, and … Continue reading

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Punctuation Clinic

As I was reading along, thoroughly enjoying a murder mystery, this sentence stopped me cold. It’s a terrific example of a run-on sentence, and I couldn’t make sense of it: “I’ve said no comment can’t comment and plain I really … Continue reading

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Possessive Pronoun

Last week, Marc wrote: How do idioms work? In particular, which of these is correct: That seems up you and your wife’s alley. That seems up your and your wife’s alley. There’s no real ‘alley’, so the guidelines with respect … Continue reading

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A Quiet Cigarette

I am a great fan of murder mysteries, and in one that I read several months ago, I came across this sentence: The steward was outside the laundry, enjoying a quiet cigarette. My mind promptly seized on a quiet cigarette, … Continue reading

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Double Possessive

Last week, I received this question from Cherie: Which is correct? the College’s associate’s degree programs or the College’s associate degree programs? First things first. If the college uses associate degree programs, I’d recommend: The college’s associate degree programs. If … Continue reading

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Clear Writing (what a difference a word makes!)

I read a terrific mystery novel last week. I was so caught up in  the action, and the characters were so alive for me, that I hoped (and still do) that the author managed to retain movie rights. Imagine how … Continue reading

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