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As I was reading along, thoroughly enjoying a murder mystery, this sentence stopped me cold. It’s a terrific example of a run-on sentence, and I couldn’t make sense of it: “I’ve said no comment can’t comment and plain I really … Continue reading

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Comma (with coordinate conjunction)

This use of the comma is simple. If a coordinate conjunction (and, but, or) connects two independent clauses, insert a comma before the conjunction: I prefer classical music, but Wilbur likes jazz. I picked blackberries, and Alphonso went swimming. When … Continue reading

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Comma (be aware of the verb)

Here’s an intriguing example of when not to use a comma: The secret pact that had saved them in their turbulent adolescent years, could spell his doom now. Do you see the problem? The comma interrupts the flow of the … Continue reading

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Comma (not)

The Copyeditor’s Handbook author Amy Einsohn offers a clear and simple rule for one of the cases in which a comma is not appropriate: Do not insert a comma between a subject and the second member of a compound predicate. … Continue reading

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Restrictive vs. nonrestrictive clause (a comedian’s view)

Georg Muntingh in Norway wrote that my recent post about the comma and restrictive and nonrestrictive clauses reminded him of something comedian Demetri Martin once said. According to Georg, Demetri told of a time that he was in a clothing … Continue reading

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Comma (and restrictive vs. nonrestrictive clause)

In a previous post, I wrote that using a comma after an introductory dependent clause is standard practice, no thinking required. To refresh your memory, here’s a sentence that begins with an introductory dependent clause: If you’d like to go … Continue reading

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Comma (after dependent clause)

As a general rule, use a comma when a dependent clause precedes an independent clause. The sentence above is an example of the rule it describes! “As a general rule” is incomplete; it can’t stand on its own. That makes … Continue reading

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