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Double Possessive Revisited

The other day, I received this message from a visitor to Writing Tips: Which is correct? To be used as a caption under a picture. The Wright and Hilyer family vacation The Wright and Hilyer families vacation The Wright’s and … Continue reading

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Possessive Pronoun

Last week, Marc wrote: How do idioms work? In particular, which of these is correct: That seems up you and your wife’s alley. That seems up your and your wife’s alley. There’s no real ‘alley’, so the guidelines with respect … Continue reading

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Blog Design

This morning I changed the design of this blog. With the previous design, the list of categories for my posts was way down at the bottom of the page. Now the categories are much closer to the top. Does the … Continue reading

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Copulative Verbs

What the heck are copulative verbs? Until last night, I didn’t have a clue. But thanks to The Copyeditor’s Handbook, by Amy Einsohn, I now know that copulative verbs are “verbs that express a state of being, rather than an … Continue reading

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Ex- Very Punny

Just thought I’d tell you about an exchange I had some years ago with a friend. Judging by the constant commotion, especially when I was trying to sleep, rats were having a grand old time in the attic of the … Continue reading

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Context Matters

Here is the context for the sentence that was the example for last week’s vocabulary contest. The sentence is in italics. When the first house was lighted with electricity the darkness did not groan and say, “How long have I … Continue reading

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